Sunday, 21 May 2017

Questions You Need to Answer While Availing a Business Working Capital Loan

You may be tempted to see the different lucrative offers.  But don’t give in to such temptations. It is very important to compare various term loans offered by different vendors before you get the perfect blend of the right loan from the right lender. The following are some key questions you must ask your lenders while applying for a working capital loan. Those are:

  • How long the loan application process will take? 
  • How do you make your EMI payments?
  • What additional fees would you need to pay?
  • What are the interest rates offered?
  • Do the lenders require any collateral or guarantor?

Suppose, you have a broken equipment or you need to serve a new customer, you can get additional capital to replace it soon. In such a scenario, a working loan taking too long might not work for you. That is the main reason you should the question “How long the loan application process will take” beforehand.

The second question is necessary to decide how you are going to make your payments to the lenders. Your credit score is going to improve if you pay your EMI on time.
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